About Us

Ocean container transport business of beer, spirits and wine (BS&W) [sounds like a railroad network] from Bosnia and Croatia.

We started in import business in 2000 year as Adriatic Imports (dba: Truffle Affair – The Affair you Share” focused on truffle Tartuffe products from Istria, Croatia. Truffle flavor infused olive oil from the Motovun National Forest wild tartuffi hunters and producers [ http://www.tz-motovun.hr/en/natural-beauties/forest-of-motovun ]. Our US market base was primarily upscale restaurants that required large quantities of olive oil. Our exclusive FDA registered oxygen impermeable 5Liter bag-in-a-box (collapsible) perfectly protected the truffle flavor from first serving to last serving. We followed with pumpkin seed oil.

The international acclaimed hill-top city of Motovun (originally a medieval fortress to protect the region from marauding Venetian’s invaders) is the site of a Summertime film festival that creates an expansive ‘tent city’ for attendees in the meadows that surround the mountain. http://www.motovunfilmfestival.com


In 2002 we reorganized as a corporation 5STAR Group International, Inc. to create multiple subsidiaries to develop multiple individual product focused companies. Our symbol was the Mercator world map.


During 2004-07 ‘Truffle Affair’ produced a boutique gift line ‘Oils of the World’. This was a gift quality reusable clear plastic case with test tubes of 9 aromatic oils pressed from seeds, nuts and fruits.


During 2004 we founded 5STAR e-Spirit Company L.L.C. that established one of the first ‘online’ sales solutions. In the fledgling world of personal computer [modem based] sales solutions, it was too early to be a strongly growing business because product delivery was limited to antiquated slow expensive USPO Parcel Post.


In 2005 we changed 5STAR e-Spirit to be 5STAR ESPIRIT and obtained United States Trade and Tax Bureau certification as an importer [TTB Basic License] of adult ‘spirits’ beverages. Our first product was a Croatian ‘Eau de Vie’ whiskey [viski] distilled from tomatoes. This illustrious spirit won Double Gold Medal at the 2005 San Francisco International Spirits competition. It made a ‘Dirty Martini’ to die for (but nobody died).


In following year, we entered NERO Montmorency Cherry Liqueur [ http://www.nero.ba/en/index ] in the 2006 San Francisco International Spirits competition which won Silver Medal. Distribution was soon launched in the Chicagoland Croatian diaspora market.


By 2015 sales grew to multiple containers per year in Chicago and St. Louis, MO with extended sales distribution to New York, Tennessee and California.


In 2016 we unscaled our market image to 5STAR ESPiRIT. This emphasizes our business development as ‘ESPRIT’. This is emphatically pronounced as in ‘Esprit de Corps’. This emphasizes our identity philosophy: “The common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group”. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/esprit-de-corps


Ocean container shipping, initially the direction of Croatia to United States, is now opening opportunities for shipping from United States to Croatia. This is initially for US grown ‘Yakima hops’ (for production of Croatian premium craft beers).


During 2015 and 2016, all current 5STAR ESPiRIT products have been available in all Chicagoland Binny’s stores: http://www.binnys.com/spirits/Montmorency_Cherry_Liqueur_86646.html

and Whole Foods Stores: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/department

New York: http://www.medcoatlantic.com/page4.php?view=preview&category=3&image=46

California: http://www.adriamarkets.com/shop/wines-beers-liquors/nero-montmorency-sour-cherry-liquor


During 2017 is the scheduled launch of many [5STAR ESPiRIT proprietary] Croatian products of beers and spirits and wines.  More to be announced. Come back often to review our additional products.


PAN (beer), Carlsberg Group brand: http://www.pan.com.hr/gl/hr/

Lager, Zlatni, Tamno, Kraljevski, Radler Lemon, Radler Grapefruit/Lime


Osijek (beer) Pivovara: http://pivovara.hr/en/home/

Osječka Lager Black, Osječka Radler Black

The water used in making this beer is taken from the exclusive 300m deep source under the Planonian plane of Danube river. It is mineral rich and reverse osmosis filtered. The result is perfect pure water, perfect H2O.


Velebit (beer) Pivovara licanka: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velebitsko

Lager, Tamno, Trotter ‘Specdijalno Kasačko Pivo Vilinbor’ (Style: Octoberfest/Marzen)

The water used in making this beer is taken from the “Ričina” source that’s situated in the heart of Velebit  http://www.np-sjeverni-velebit.hr/?lang=en  at 700+ meter altitude and is acclaimed as one of the highest quality natural brewing waters in Europe.


Medvedgrad (beer) Pivnica: http://www.pivovara-medvedgrad.hr/pivovara/

Zlatni, Mrki, Dva Klasa, Crna Kraljica, Gricka, Fakin IPA, Baltazar, Bozicno

Medvedgrad pivo beer is the long traditional brewery serving its beers on-tap in its highly tourist appreciated restaurants in Zagreb, Croatia capital city. During 2016 Medvedgrad started bottling with distribution throughout Croatia to eager ‘pivovarians’.


Zmajska (beer) Pivovara: http://www.zmajskapivovara.hr/en/

Pale Ale, Porter, Dva Klasa, IPA

The most widely recognized Croatian craft beers produced with the world class hops from Yakima, Washington to craft its hypnotic IPA . Zmajska is ‘Dragon’ in Croatian. The brewery icon is a friendly dragon with a most toothsome grin (you got to see this). People who drink Zmajska pivo are called a “Pivosauraus”. After your first drink, you will certainly grin as well.


NERO (spirits) – http://www.nero.ba

Montmorency Cherry Liqueur

Fresh picked Montmorency cherries macerated in 96% azeotrope alcohol of fermented sugar beets.

Our longest seller. Mostar is the location of the world famous ‘old town bridge’. Destroyed by waring factions during the splintering termination of [what was Yugoslavia] it was rebuilt in exact reproduction. Including polished slippery stones to walk over (no really). This iconic bridge is the site of the international competition Red Bull Cliff Diving competition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSfWHzQtLN4 Dangerous to be sure, however no diver has lost his life in this feat (a few have lost their swim suit).


Bobita (spirits) – http://www.bobita.ba/

Vodka Romana


Hedonica (spirits) – http://hedonica-rakije.com/

Kokopelli Konoplja cannabis hemp liqueur brandy, Vinjak Mihael grape brandy,

Tepka Pear brandy, Vila z Vrha – Travarica of apple brandy


ROSSI (spirits) – http://vinarossi.com/

Biska, Erba Luigia, Teranetto


RAAK (wine) – http://raak.com.hr/

Aronia/Blackcurrant Elite Dinner Wine, Maraska Cherry desert wine




ROSSI (wine) – http://vinarossi.com/

Malvazija Templara (white), Teran Istra (red)


Philipecz (wine) – http://www.bermetfilipec.hr/en/

Bermet aromatic (red)


Stampar (wine) – http://www.vinarija-stampar.hr/

Pusipel Classic (white), POLiPOL (gemist)


Frelimo (food) – http://www.frelimo.hr/en/

Cvarci pork cracklings


Grbic (food) – http://www.grbic.hr/en

Pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds, mlinci, taranica


Trenton (food) – http://www.trenton.hr/en/

Oblica-pure Olive Oil, olives, bakalar, spreads


Sebastijan-limarija (cooking) – http://limarija-sebastijan.hr/index.html

PEKA roasting bells, suspended cooking pots, fire grills


Las Vegas Night Club and Bar show – http://www.ncbshow.com/

Scheduled for March 27 to 29 at Las Vegas Convention Center


San Francisco World Spirits competition – https://www.sfspiritscomp.com/

Scheduled for April 21 to 23, 2017 at Hotel Nikko. (2016 had 1,899 entries).


United States Trade Tasting conference – http://usatradetasting.com/en/exhibitors/2017/

Scheduled for May 16 & 17 at Metropolitan Pavilion on W 18th St., New York


San Francisco International Wine competition – http://www.sfwinecomp.com/

Scheduled for June 30 to July 2, 2017 at Hotel Nikko. (2016 had 4,618 entries).

About Croatia

Croatia’s coastline is a “subduction zone”. Here the European tectonic plate submerges under the Asiatic tectonic plate. This results in deep coastal water with rising rocky mountainous vistas of pristine forests. The onshore winds are strong [the Bura blows]. This provides ideal conditions for the profoundly excellent vineyard growing conditions by naturally inhibiting all variety of insect activity. The Eastern shoreline (Italy) is shallow mudflats of extensive natural living habitat of aquatic life.


In ancient times of Roman conquest, Croatia was the desired destination. Diocletian, the Italian emperor (284 to 305) built his retirement palace (actually a massive fortress) in the harbor of modern day “Split”. Other Roman fortifications and infrastructure of roads abound. Turkish invasion wars during the middle ages resulted in dividing ancient Croatia into the modern Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The border where Croatians defended all of Western Europe from these invasions. Of course, the multiple thousands of years history of Croatia’s Adriatic coast is WAY more complex.


Since 2014, Croatia has become a rapidly growing international tourist destination. American chef and international travel foodie guru, Anthony Bourdain declared Croatia to be his favorite travel destination. Croatia boasts the highly acclaimed travel destination Dubrovnik ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ and the truly spectacular Adriatic coast. Zadar was proclaimed ‘the most beautiful sunset in the world’ by legendary film producer Alfred Hitchcock. Island of Cres is revered for no poisonous snakes and the home of the indagered species giant Griffon vulture. Croatia is particularity noted by Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book publisher in the world. Even beyond international Planet Earth, the legendary Croatian song, “Poljubi zemlju” (Kiss the Land), was played and transmitted to earth by NASA Mars rover Opportunity during November 2016.

About Bosnia

Painfully politically boundaries divide this ancient demographic by the ‘Dayton Accords’ in December 1995, yet the people are admiralty resolute to achieve future membership in the European Union, the geography is dramatically dynamic. The Narenta river descends from its Capital city Sarajevo to the Adriatic Sea over a partly tumultuous rapids to mile-wide tranquil expanse so large that you could conclude that it is a boundless alpine lake.